Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Monday, December 15, 2008

Role of the pharaoh!?!?

The pharaohs job was to keep egypt peaceful and prosperous. Like the pharaohs accomplished this by ensuring the principles of Maat (justice, order, and truth) were upheld. Like some of the high priests of egypt were responsible for ensuring that the gods and goddesses were peoperly honered! I wish I had someone that would so everything for me!!! I mean come on you have to think about it you wouldn't have to do anything and omg it would be like AWSOME!!!

Egyptian worship!?!?

Egyptian worshiped the weridest things! Egyptians believed that there was a battle in the world between the forces of choas and the forces of order. I know right WERID!!! But, they thought that for life to continue and for the sun to rise everyday they would have to balance the forces. For my life to continue I would have my phone without it my life would not be continuing.

Soooooo many gods!?!?

Well........since there were sooooo many gods the people could not keep track of them all!!! Like they would have districts and there were 42 districts called "nomes." Each little town or whatever you call them had one local god!$!$

Most know god and why!?!?

Ok well like Ra was the most know god because he was the one who like created the world and he was like the god of the sun. Ra had a son named Shu, the god of air and just between me and you he was pretty cute!!! Ra also had a daugher named Tefnut goddess of dew and moisture.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Worship of the gods!?!?

Gods and goddesses would like provide a set of morals and spirtual instruduction for people to worship like the gods!$!$ People believe that when Ra (god) was born in the morning he was like a child but, during the day he turned into a man! Omg i would die in egypt if i ever lived there because of all the sand and how hot it gets during the day and on top of it all the heat would like make my hair frizzie!!!

How did people worship gods and godesses???

Who was the most famous god and why???

what are areas of strength???

what is an area of improvement of this blog???